Thank you for facilitating My Life On A Movie Screen and for creating such a safe, comfortable environment in which to reflect on my life’s journey. The format gave me structure to focus my memories and thinking in productive ways. Your gentle probing allowed me to delve deeper into my thoughts and feeling to make connections between my life experiences and my spiritual gifts. In fact, the Passions & Values card activity helped me identify passions and clarify how all of God’s gifts have been working in my life. It was exciting to see how my past has built the foundation to my future, and how using my spiritual gifts actually lead to more happiness and contentment.

Wanda E. ~ Austin, TX

Dorothy was very professional and competent in going over my answers to the online “Assessing Your Readiness.” It was obvious that she not only had read over my answers but had studies and thought deeply about them. She pointed out that she believed that I was ready to explore in depth my relationship with God and determined that I was open to direction from God. We went over every topic in detail. Dorothy showed me that what I thought was a character flaw was not. She explained what the flaw listed really meant. She said that some of my bad habits were due to the fact that I am very hard on myself and expect too much of myself. I found her to be very supportive and have decided to continue meeting with her, as we explore the Character Makeover book.Pat H.

~ Dallas, Tx

My Life Purpose Coach for the Character Makeover book study was Dorothy Castle. I have finished the class but find myself going back and rereading it and, of course, looking at the Master Action Plan. I love the way we started each session with a scripture and prayer. She was such an open, honest, and caring person that I was totally put at ease. Going through chapters, I felt like I had a partner going down the path of discovery, but she was also deliberate in getting to the issues. I noticed aspects of my character that I really needed to work on, and with her help drawing me out, I checked off the most needed ones and have started my makeover.

M. McKenney ~ Dallas, Tx

We began by invoking the Holy Spirit before we began our Life Purpose conversation. Dorothy went through each topic (Conversation #1 EZ-form) and we discussed each one thoroughly. Dorothy has wonderful insight and ideas. She had chosen some very helpful Bible verses for me, for situations giving me concern. Dorothy is very approachable, good listener,and someone I feel at ease to confide.Thank you,

Jeanann S. ~ Dallas, Tx

Dorothy lives and breathes her Christian faith, and it is contagious! She has great spiritual insight and is also a wonderful listener. I know that she cares about me and wants to help me find, through God, my purpose. Even though she leads a busy life, she is always in the moment with me and God.

Clarissa C.~ Dallas, Tx

EMAIL: Dorothy@UnleashYourBlessings.com
PHONE: (214) 521-4724