Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is sharing your sacred journey with a soul friend, who listens attentively and helps you find your way to a deeper relationship with God. Dorothy is a certified spiritual director through the Diocese of Dallas, receiving her training in the School of Spirituality and through many specialized courses on spiritual direction. As your spiritual director, Dorothy will walk this pilgrimage journey with you, focusing on the three levels of spiritual growth — Purgative Way, Illuminative Way, and Unitive Way.


In the Purgative Way, you will learn how to open your soul to God and to allow Him to begin the transformation process in you. As you look at your life experiences with Dorothy, she will assist you in discerning any obstacles that may be hindering your relationship with God. The Holy Spirit will direct your path as you work with Dorothy to dismantle and purge any roadblocks that appear, thereby opening the soul to the Illuminative Way.


In the Illuminative Way, your mind and soul are ready to receive illumination in the ways of hearing God and of being with Him. You will learn the various tools of prayer, meditation, contemplation, holy reading (lectio divina), and journaling used by the early Christians to deepen their connection to God, as they progressed through the three levels of spiritual growth. The Psalms figure prominently in the process of spiritual direction. Dorothy will encourage your use of the Psalms as a way to hear God speaking to you.


In the Unitive Way, the soul finds connection to God that transforms and enlivens it. The soul is always seeking God and desiring to be whole in Him. Through purging the obstacles to spiritual growth and employing the methods of prayer, meditation, and contemplation used by the early Christians, such as the Desert Fathers and Mothers, St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, and Julian of Norwich, among others, the soul achieves unity with its Creator and basks in the grace and blessings washing over it.

These three stages of spiritual growth are not necessarily linear in progression.

There will be up-and-down movement through the three stages throughout your lifetime. Some parts of your life may be in the Illuminative stage, while others are still in the Purgative. For example, you may be in the Illuminative Way in your spiritual life, successfully learning which tools enhance your walk with God; however, in your personal life, your relationship with one of your children is troubling and presenting an obstacle to your relationship with God in that area.

As your spiritual director, Dorothy will assist you in evaluating where you are in your spiritual life and in formulating a plan to encourage your steady growth in knowledge and love of God, fostering a personal relationship with Him that grows deeper each day. Spiritual direction will help you unleash the blessings God has for your life.

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PHONE: (214) 521-4724