Life Plans



A Life Plan Facilitation is a two-day, one-on-one, intensive Life Purpose Coaching experience, under the direction of your Life Plan Facilitator and the guiding light of the Holy Spirit, using an LPCCI template called Your Life On The Movie Screen®. This template was created by Dr. Katie Brazelton especially for use with the two-day intensive Life Plan Facilitations.

As your Life Plan Facilitator, Dorothy will lead you through the first day of the YLOTMS® template, which looks at your past and how events have impacted and influenced your life, your relationships, and your personal characteristics. The second day focuses on values, passions, and beliefs, revealing how God has molded and fashioned you throughout your life to equip you for your purpose in His Kingdom here on earth (Psalm 139.14-16). These will be two of the most incredible days of your life. Looking back at your life in such detail can open your eyes to amazing things that were hidden to you at the time. Some women are completely awed by how God specifically took care of them in certain situations in their lives. One woman discovered that God had saved her from making a disasterous life choice, which she desperately wanted at the time. As a result of insights gained from the intense two days with Dorothy, another woman was able to refocus her goals in a specific area of her life.


With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Dorothy will assist you in highlighting the parts of your life that are important to revealing to you your unique qualifications for the role God has for you. At that point your life purpose will come into focus, and you will marvel at how wonderfully God has crafted you for this very thing. Once you see your purpose, you will need an organized plan to implement it in your life. As Dorothy encourages you to formulate this plan for your life, you will be motivated to commit to specific action steps in the plan and get on God’s special pathway for you, freeing up your inherent potential and unleashing God’s blessings in your life. Contact Dorothy today, and avail yourself of this fantastic life experience.

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