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Life Purpose Coaching will unleash your blessings — the blessings that God has reserved for the lives of each of His children, if they choose to surrender their lives to His purposes for them. Life Purpose Coaching is a process requiring a woman, along with her Life Purpose Coach and the Holy Spirit to work together, looking at the woman’s life, spiritual gifts, talents, strengths, core values, and other qualities to find the unique path God has laid out for her life before she was ever born (Jeremiah 29:11). As a Life Purpose Coach, Dorothy works with the client, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to sift through these aspects of a woman’s life to find her purpose. Dorothy’s motto is: “It takes three—God, you, and me.”

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I will help you set goals for your personal health and fitness and hold you accountable. I will encourage and support you during this journey to the best possible you.



As your personal Life Purpose Coach, I will encourage and support you as you work with your clients. In addition I will hold you accountable as you pursue your own journey and confront your fears as you lead your clients toward their purpose in life. I also keep a coach in my own life, because I believe in the power of coaching to keep me moving forward and stepping into my Holy Spirit-directed purpose. And I will do the same with you.



Women of Passionate Purpose International is a group of Christian women with a passion for building Christ’s Kingdom with their God-given gifts, talents, and abilities. Combining these talents and abilities with their many different interests and ministries, the Women of Passionate Purpose produce online conferences each month on various Christian topics. Information about these conferences and other events sponsored by the Women of Passionate Purpose is available on their website: You can register and download previous conferences at



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