Ten Conversations on Purpose

If you have ever wrestled with the quandary of what to do with your life and wondered what your real purpose is, then you will find Life Purpose coaching to be a very powerful process that will lift you out of the “muck” of your daily life and empower you with purpose. You will be filled with excitement about what God is doing in your life, and your whole being will be permeated with an indescribable joy, a joy that comes from knowing that you are following God’s path for you. As your Life Purpose Coach, Dorothy will direct your steps and usher you through these structured conversations, and you will be amazed at the number of “aha!” moments that you receive. Suddenly, things that you thought you understood about yourself and your life take on new meaning and yield valuable insights. Many women experience new-found clarity in their personal relationships and in formulating their career goals. They find more effective ways to relate to members of their families, their friends, and co-workers. Most of all, through Life Purpose Coaching, women begin to understand just how much God loves them, and they learn how to trust God and become aware of the nudging of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Life Purpose Coaching will unleash your blessings — the blessings that God has reserved for the lives of each of His children, if they choose to surrender their lives to His purposes for them. Life Purpose Coaching is a process requiring a woman, along with her Life Purpose Coach and the Holy Spirit to work together, looking at the woman’s life, spiritual gifts, talents, strengths, core values, and other qualities to find the unique path God has laid out for her life before she was ever born (Jeremiah 29:11). As a Life Purpose Coach, Dorothy works with the client, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to sift through these aspects of a woman’s life to find her purpose. Dorothy’s motto is: “It takes three—God, you, and me.”

Finding that God-given path can take many forms. One of these forms is that of the Conversations on Purpose for Women by Dr. Katie Brazelton, founder of Life Purpose Coaching Centers International. The E-Workbook version of these ten Conversations on Purpose is available on the LPCCI website (http://www.lifepurposecoachingcenters.com). Some women prefer working through these Conversations with Dorothy on the telephone. Others favor the face-to-face coaching situation, while still others have only enough time for email sessions. Whichever method fits your needs is the right one for you. Choose one form, or a mixture of the three and start, today, to work with Dorothy as your Life Purpose Coach to UNLEASH your incredible, innate potential and allow the Holy Spirit to point the way to developing your steps on the path to purpose.